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Latin Express is an independent government entity. We realize your procedures saving you displacement and queues quickly and easily. Remember that you can request your paperwork for free at some public entities (depending on country and agency).

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Personalized advice, avoid travel, queues and may request arrangements from anywhere in the world

Handling, legalization and endorsement (Apostille) of documents worldwide

Latin Express is the company in which more than 55,000 people, mainly from Latin America, have trusted to handle their documentation and certified mailing.

Recognized since 2003 for its achievements in mail services and urgent procedures, it has become the benchmark for document handling, legalization and Apostille obtention.

Urgent Mail

We have an international express mail service of the highest quality, so that your documents reach their destination in the required time.

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We provide a list of frequently asked questions that can help answer your questions. For more information please contact us

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